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Poison Treatment Information

HyperTox© and related programs are designed to assist in emergency management, undergraduate and postgraduate teaching of acute clinical toxicology (poisoning).
These programs are not designed to replace careful and appropriate clinical assessment, management or consultation .
We have tried to keep the information succinct and pragmatic. Where possible management is based on evidence, in the absence of definitive evidence management is based on our clinical practice which normally reflects a combination of the literature, extrapolation from known pharmacology and our experience.
HyperTox is published as software to enable a rapid response to any change in the science.


WikiTox is free to users. The cost for running WikiTox have been derived from donations, money raised from courses and a limited grant.
HyperTox has been developed for the IOS for iphone and ipads (an android version is coming) to provide information to assist clinical management of acute poisoning.

HyperTox provides medical practitioners, trainees and allied health staff with comprehensive clinically focused poisoning management advice. In addition it provides a succinct summary of the underlying pathophysiology of toxicity. It is written and edited by experts in the field.
Major drugs, drug classes and chemicals are included with a consistent, searchable format allows easy to navigation to key information, links to references are provided. Individual monographs can be printed or emailed directly from the program.
No internet connection is needed to access the monographs in HyperTox

The free version of HyperTox provides unrestricted access to 10 monographs on individual drugs or drug classes. The other 55 monographs are unlocked with a single life time purchase.

HyperTox funds WikiTox an open source clinical toxicology curriculum project

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HyperTox also supports the development of WikiTox at www.wikitox.org which provides free clinical toxicology information and teaching materials as part of an opensource curriculum, Join now and donate content from your hard disc and improve clinical care around the world.

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